Where next generation research, advanced materials, and new manufacturing techniques merge
“Coal is too valuable to burn “

– Randall Atkins, CEO

Ramaco Carbon consists of three components:


The iCAM (or Carbon Advanced Materials Center) will host professionals from national laboratories, universities, private research groups and workforce development organizations in both temporary and permanent facilities. The iCAM will also provide facilities to strategic manufacturing partners, who will conduct applied research and development with one goal: To turn carbon from coal into finished products.


The Wyoming iPark will be a next generation “coal to products” manufacturing facility, with zero net emissions and a location directly next to the Brook Mine. It will utilize coal from the mine as the feedstock to create high-value carbon products: carbon fiber, graphene, graphite, carbon nano tubes, carbon dots, carbon based resins, carbon based building products and activated carbon.


The Brook Mine is a 15,000 acre site with significant coal resources, to be mined under strict environmental protocols and safeguards.

Marrying advanced materials with advanced manufacturing.

Coal as an avenue to low-cost carbon fibers

October 7, 2017

Within the past year, several projects have sprung up, with two purposes:  1) Find new uses for coal that don’t involve power generation, thereby reducing carbon emissions while preserving miners’ jobs, and  2) Convert this low-cost, carbon-rich precursor into useful, low-cost fibers suitable for non-aerospace applications… “We’re coming from a much different perspective, and are focused on vertical integration from very low-cost, non-coking coal to useful products. Our principal goal is coal to carbon fiber, followed by development of useful resins as well as carbon forms to support 3D printing,” said Randy Atkins, Ramaco CEO.

Ramaco to spin coal into carbon fiber for met coal margins without volatility

February 27, 2017

Ramaco Carbon LLC CEO Randall Atkins believes he is close to a “holy grail” — developing a process for spinning thermal coal into a product with the high margin of metallurgical-grade coal, absent the volatility. Atkins… said he is hoping coal from the Book mine in development near Sheridan, Wyo., will be used as a feedstock to create carbon fibers for sale in automotive manufacturers and other industrial uses. On Feb. 21, calling coal “to valuable to burn,” Ramaco announced that it was creating a “coal to cars” initiative that would include a research center and industrial park fed directly by an adjacent coal mine.