Report: Carbon technology could support 2,600 jobs in Wyoming

August 13, 2018 Casper Star-Tribune: Using coal to make graphene, carbon fiber and other products could support 2,600 Wyoming jobs annually, according to a new report from the American Jobs Project. The U.C. Berkeley-based group is a nonpartisan think tank studying job potential in energy transition. Additionally, the report lays out a series of suggestions on how Wyoming can grow the carbon tech industry and address some of the state’s most troubling problems — like the loss of young people who move to other states. … Randall Atkins, CEO of Ramaco Carbon, said the potential to create a carbon valley reminiscent of California’s Silicon Valley is locked in Wyoming’s black rock. Read the article here.


Coal seeks new life in high-tech

July 24, 2018 Axios: Randy Atkins is trying to make coal great again, but not how President Trump has promised. Atkins’ company, Ramaco Carbon, is working to open what would be Wyoming’s first coal mine devoted not to electricity, but to high-tech products like carbon fiber or 3D printing material. Atkins represents the leading edge of what could be a new, high-value market for coal after decades of being America’s cheapest power source. … Atkins, whose career has spanned energy and financial firms for more than 35 years and whose father founded Arch Coal, says finding new uses for coal is a better long-term bet. Read the article here.

Video: Introductory remarks at the 2018 Ramaco Research Rodeo (R3)

Video: Ramaco CEO testifies before House Committee on Natural Resources, Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources

Ramaco CEO testifies in Washington D.C.

July 25, 2018 Wyoming Business Report: The CEO of a large-scale company in the process of opening what it calls a “vertically integrated coal-to-products” research center in Northeastern Wyoming spoke before the the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources Tuesday. Randall Atkins, CEO and Chairman of Ramaco Carbon, said, “We believe coal has a bright future … just not the way it has been historically considered. We see coal ultimately serving higher value purposes, far beyond energy production. That future is in what we call ‘coal to products.’” Read the article here.


Ramaco CEO to testify before Congress on Sheridan project

July 24, 2018 Sheridan Press: Ramaco CEO and Chairman Randall Atkins is scheduled to testify before House Committee on Natural Resources, Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources as part of a hearing titled “Assessing Innovative and Alternative Uses of Coal.” Atkins said Ramaco’s aim is to use the carbon from coal to create various products. Those efforts are focused in four areas: coal to carbon fiber, which is a lightweight material that can be used in cars and a number of other products; coal to resins, which will be used in 3-D manufacturing; coal to building products, which would attempt to use carbon nanotubes to reinforce asphalts and cements; and coal to medical technology, which will use carbon to create medical sensors used to diagnose diseases like the Zika Virus and Lyme Disease. Read the article here.


Coal technology executives to share visions of sector’s future with Congress

July 24, 2018 S&PU.S. coal consumption has been on the decline as utilities increasingly favor alternative and cheaper means of generating electricity, but abundant coal reserves and the potential of new technology has a few entrepreneurs looking for coal’s future beyond the usual utility customers.  Ramaco Carbon is working on developing a site in Wyoming that would include a coal mine, research center and industrial park aimed at using coal as a feedstock for value-added products such as carbon fiber that can be used in a wide range of manufactured products. Atkins envisions a sort of “Manhattan Project” for coal-to-carbon technologies that would focus on encouraging research by the U.S. Department of Energy, funneled through national labs, into how carbon from coal could be used to make various products. Read the article here.


Ramaco Carbon to construct boat ramp, parking at Kleenburn

July 23, 2018 Sheridan MediaA Ramaco Carbon plan to construct a public boat ramp and expand parking at the Kleenburn Recreation Area was approved after consideration by the Sheridan County Commission at their recent meeting. According to a release from Ramaco Carbon, they and others who choose to donate materials, labor or money to the project will pay all expenses related to the project’s design and construction. The company and possibly one or more conservation organizations will share responsibility for maintenance of the boat ramp. Read the article here.


Ramaco proposal: ‘It’s about time’

July 12, 2018 Sheridan MediaAsked what he thinks about Ramaco Carbon’s proposal to convert coal into products, Don Collins said it’s about time. Collins, who’s CEO of the Western Research Institute in Laramie, was among the industry and university professionals who attended Ramaco’s three-day Research Rodeo this week in Sheridan. The Ramaco Research Rodeo brought together representatives from more than a dozen industries and universities. Read the article here.


Reception launches three-day Ramaco Research Rodeo

July 10, 2018 Sheridan Media A reception launched three days of meetings and exchange of ideas aimed at promoting the use of coal to create products. The event brings together scientists from around the country to talk about what they’re studying, what they’re working on, and how their work might come into play with Ramaco Carbon’s efforts in Sheridan. Those attending the event include representatives of facilities such as the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and National Energy Technology Laboratory, the University of Kentucky, Ohio University, the University of Illinois in Chicago, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Spruceworks LLC, the University of Wisconsin, the Western Research Institute, Southern Research and Terrapower. Read the article here.


Coal to cars: NETL, Ramaco Carbon form research partnership

June 25, 2018 WV State JournalThe U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory has joined forces with Wyoming-based Ramaco Resources to develop what could become a new coal-based feed stock for valuable consumer products. “We have, in rough numbers, almost 50 of those here at NETL. This, however, is only our second umbrella CRADA,” explained NETL Industrial Partnerships Manager Tom Sarkus. “So it provides an umbrella in which we can provide a variety of tasks in the future. Usually a CRADA addresses just one specific topic or subject area.” Read the article here.


Ramaco Carbon partners with National Energy Technology Laboratory

June 7, 2018 The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) is launching a valuable partnership with Ramaco Carbon to collaborate on innovative projects that use coal to manufacture high-value products. The agreement will enhance NETL’s materials engineering and manufacturing capabilities by allowing its researchers access to coal-based manufacturing and 3D-printing facilities being developed by Ramaco Carbon near Sheridan, Wyoming. Once construction is completed, Ramaco Carbon will operate the world’s only fully integrated carbon resource-based research, development and production facility. Read the release here.


What’s next for coal?

June 3, 2018 Kingsport Times-News:  You’ve heard of Silicon Valley. How about coal having its own Carbon Valley? That was one of the forward-looking ideas promoted at the recent Virginia Coal & Energy Alliance/Southern States Energy Board 39th annual conference and expo held at the MeadowView Marriott. Charles Atkins, RAMACO Carbon Director of Research and Development, had a “Coal to Products” presentation, noting that while past eras had enjoyed monikers like the “bronze age” and the “iron age,” it is now time for a “carbon age.” Read the article here.

Ramaco Carbon presents at National Coal Council annual meeting

April 12, 2018 Ramaco Carbon CEO Randall Atkins presented at the National Coal Council’s annual gathering this month in Washington D.C. His keynote presentation on “Coal to Products…A Carbon Valley for Coal”, discussed coal’s far-reaching potential use as a precursor for making a range of advanced materials and products. Atkins was also initiated as a new member of the National Coal Council at this meeting. The Council is a federal advisory committee to the U.S. Secretary of Energy, providing advice on the direction of the coal industry, as well as the scientific, financial, and engineering aspects of coal. Read the presentation’s outline here.

Ramaco Carbon CEO Randall Atkins responds to zoning approval, thanks Sheridan community

March 6, 2018 “We humbly extend our sincere thanks to the Sheridan community. We are grateful for today’s zoning approval, and thank the County Planning Staff, the County Commissioners, and all those who voiced support for bringing a world-class research technology center to Sheridan County. We look forward to rapidly moving ahead with iPark and iCam as positive additions to the community and to Wyoming overall.” Read the rest of the statement here.

Coal project near Sheridan gains first green light

March 6, 2018 Wyoming Business Report: The Ramaco Carbon project outside of Sheridan obtained authorization to rezone about 114 acres of its privately-owned lands near the Kleenbrn Recreation Area from “agricultural” to “light industrial.” The Sheridan County Comprehensive Zoning and Planning Map shows the area was designated in 2008-2009 to be used for “Future Industry.” Read the article here.

Video: Building a ‘Carbon Valley’

March 2, 2018 In a video detailing the innovation behind its Sheridan project, Ramaco CEO Randy Atkins explains his vision for the iCam and iPark facilities. Watch below:  

Local ranch owner expresses support for Ramaco’s proposed rezone

February 20, 2018 Sheridan Press: “My family and I live on our family ranch in the Tongue River Valley near the proposed Ramaco building site. After careful research, I support Ramaco’s pending light industrial rezone request for its property near the Acme I-90 Interchange. I encourage the Sheridan County Commissioners to approve Ramaco’s rezoning request.” Read the full letter to the editor here.

Planning commissioners recommend approving Ramaco proposal

February 2, 2018 Sheridan Press: In a four-to-one vote, Sheridan County Planning and Zoning commissioners voted to recommend that county commissioners approve a request from Ramaco Wyoming Coal Co. to rezone a property near Acme. Proponents of the proposal argued that Ramaco’s plan to build manufacturing and research facilities on the land would provide Sheridan County with jobs and economic diversity without drastically altering the land’s use. “To my way of thinking, this comes close to being the gold standard of the kinds of economic development we’ve been talking about in the area,” said Sheridan businessman Kim Love. Read the article here.

Ramaco seeks to rezone property for research, manufacturing

January 30, 2018 Sheridan Press: “Sheridan County needs to grow and diversify its tax base and an ideal way to do that is with the addition of privately funded light manufacturing and technology oriented jobs that pay well and attract skilled (workers) and their families to this area,” the letter of intent from Ramaco’s attorney Anthony T. Wendtland states. Read the article here.

Ramaco Carbon announces production agreement

November 8, 2017 Sheridan Press: Ramaco Carbon announced a production partnership agreement with Carbon, a Silicon Valley-based 3-D manufacturing company. Under the agreement, Ramaco Carbon will produce a variety of products and component parts for third parties using Carbon’s 3-D printers. These components will be manufactured at Ramaco’s Wyoming iPark industrial facility outside of Sheridan. Read the article here.

Coal seeks new life as carbon fiber for submarines

September 13, 2017 Bloomberg: Ramaco has partnered with researchers including Oak Ridge and MIT to develop and market new products from Wyoming’s coal. “The research, of course, will benefit all,” CEO Randy Atkins said. “And we hope there will be intellectual property created. Coal is too valuable to burn.” Read the article here.

A new coal mine may open in Wyoming, but not for electricity

June 30, 2017 Inside Energy: For every other coal company in the Powder River Basin, the mine is where the business starts and ends — selling coal for electricity. But not for the proposed Brook Mine. The company behind the proposed Brook Mine, Ramaco, has a plan to use the coal not for electricity, but to turn it into products. Read the article here.

Ramaco Carbon plans research, manufacturing facility for coal products

February 27, 2017 Sheridan Press: Ramaco Carbon LLC officials recently announced plans to build research and manufacturing facilities in Sheridan County that will turn the coal into products like carbon fiber for the automobile industry and create thousands of jobs. The Brook Mine, located on 14,500 acres of private and state-owned land between Sheridan and Ranchester, will serve as the nucleus of a “coal to products” technology company and manufacturer of high-value industrial products. Read the article here.